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Mary Johnston, CCH (Cand)

Mary Johnston, CCH 

Mary began practicing homeopathy in San Francisco after completing a 3 year homeopathic training at the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in 2001.  She is nationally certified in Classical Homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. Known for her skills, warmth and gentle supporting manner with clients, Mary works with a wide variety of women’s issues. She works closely with Karen Allen for cases with endocrine and reproductive issues. Clients appreciate her conscientious and timely call-backs, and her commitment to working through complex and challenging cases together.

Mary sees clients at her office in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Her family practice there is focused on both chronic and acute care of many common childhood and adult ailments. Mary has led study groups and classes for families wishing to learn more about simple homeopathic care for children at home – check with her about a class if you are interested in learning self-care.

She is a member of the Mamas Resource Network, a Bay area practitioner collective focused on quality resources for mamas, babies and families. Mary is bilingual in Spanish, having grown up in Central America. She enjoys working with the Latino community in San Francisco.