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Webinar Computer Requirements


Wondering if your computer is up to the challenge of attending a webinar? Here are the details for you.  “See” you in a webinar soon!

Operating System and Browser Requirements:
A Windows or  Mac  computer with a current operating system.
A current browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (latest version recommended)

PLEASE NOTE: Using Chrome as a browser is not recommended because of the audio/video setting defaults. Please use another browser for these live and recorded sessions.

Screen Resolution
1024×768 (minimum)  1280 x 1024  (recommended)

Internet Connection
High speed internet connection with an upload speed of at least 450 Kbps (0.44 Mbps). Recommended upload speed 750 Kbps or more.  Wherever possible use a WIRED (ethernet cable) connection rather than WiFi to allow for a faster and more stable connection.

If you find difficulty viewing course materials, with long buffering, long load times, or playback of either audio OR video, but not both, then your internet bandwidth is likely to be inadequate. Try again with a different computer or internet connection.

Other details:
You will need an up to date version of Flash Player — Click here to download
Turn off Pop-Up Blockers or put www.anymeeting.com in your allowed list