Fibroids Intensive


Fibroids   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

A Chicago-based study of thousands of women found that about half of women evaluated had some evidence of fibroids by age 50!  Often they  pose no problem, but for some women they come with pain, bleeding, or digestive and urinary issues as they compress bowel or bladder. Learn about fibroids and lookalikes such as uterine polyps and endometriomas, as well as adenomyosis (the old homeopaths used to call this a `boggy uterus` !)

Like many other lesional end products of disease, the body can break down what it builds:
• learn how to help your clients get rid of their fibroids without surgery
• predict whether your constitutional remedy choice is likely to address the fibroid
• specific lesional therapeutics for fibroids, endometriomas, polyps and adenomyosis
• warning signs indicating referral for allopathic evaluation or intervention

We discuss actual cases showing how fibroids disappeared, some quite dramatically, and others gradually and steadily. The course reviews important materia medica for fibroids, as well as useful adjuncts.

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