Endocrine Overview and Repair


Endocrine Overview and Repair   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

Our endocrine system controls all of our metabolic and hormonal function. Endocrine disruption can appear in almost any body system and has a strong effect on how we feel, think and function in our waking activity as well as sleep.   The endocrine system can be disrupted by environmental toxins and allopathic medications such as steroids and contraceptives, as well as various disease processes. This information is relevant for MANY of your clients.

In this class, we cover the basics of endocrine function, indicators of disruption, and strategies for repair as an adjunct to constitutional care, using homeopathic imponderables and  sarcodes from the endocrine glands. We discuss case examples showing strategies and results for issues in endocrine health that include common female complaints such as hair loss, osteoporosis, menstrual irregularity / absence / flooding, and menopausal hot flashes.

Learn to help your clients in situations like these:
• after birth control pills, the menses has not returned, even after months or years
• body weight issues related to appetite or lack of satiety
• hair loss  or  excess body hair
• calcium dysregulation issues such as osteoporosis or calcifications and stones
• severe nausea of pregnancy, even into the 5th to 7th month of pregnancy
• hot flashes of menopause, or after prescription medications
• sleep disturbances since pregnancy, or following meds such as `Plan B` pill
• normal menstrual cycles and flow, but no ovulation

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