Chlamydia: Disease, Sequelae, Miasm and MM


Chlamydia: Disease, Sequelae, Miasm & Materia Medica   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

This remedy is the quiet cousin of Medorrhinum, little known and incredibly useful. While incidence of gonorrhea has been dropping for decades, incidence of chlamydia has been increasing rapidly.  This course reviews chlamydia as a disease with relevant (and remarkable!) statistical information about its occurrence and impacts, common signs and symptoms, as well as its signature as a homeopathic remedy and a miasm.  The chlamydial organism sits midway between a bacteria and a virus, and it a very savvy, well adapted organism that has learned to survive by cloaking its presence – a form of hiding that is the apogee of sycosis.

Far beyond the (subtle and often unrecognized) genital symptoms, this disease creates a pattern in the client and the miasmatic line that is recognizable by its oblique obscurity. It appears in pneumonia of infants, joint complaints of seniors and a wide variety of fertility issues.

Chlamydia is one of the most common factors in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), chronic pelvic pain, and infertility. Whether you recognize it or not, you are likely to be dealing chlamydia or its after effects in your casework.  Learn to recognize the pattern of the disease, remedy and miasm through information and case examples.  Be prepared to work with these clients.

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