Chlamydia: 10 Cases In 5 Hours


Chlamydia: 10 Cases in 5 Hours   (5 hours  $80  pre-recorded webinar)

In school we learned about the bold nosode mascot of Sycosis, Medorrhinum, with it’s symptom picture and indications. Did you know that the original source of the remedy Medorrhinum may very likely have contained other microfloras such as chlamydia? In the late 1800s when Dr. Samuel Swan introduced Medorrhinum into our materia medica, chlamydia was not yet recognized as a separate entity. And yet, the Chlamydia nosode is just as prominent in Sycosis! The shy cousin of Medorrhinum tends to keep itself hidden. Event he name Chlamdia is derived from the Greek khlamus meaning ‘cloaked’.

  • 80% of women with chlamydia have NO symptoms. None. Zilch.
  • Over 1 million new cases of chlamydia were reported last year, believed to be less than a quarter of all new cases.
  • Up to 40% of women who have untreated chlamydia will develop pelvic inflammatory disease
  • An estimated fifth of women with untreated chlamydia will become infertile

Chlamydia is a savvy micro-organism that is very capable of staying unnoticed – obfuscation was a theme in the proving. Fortunately for homeopaths, like every other substance, it has characteristic patterns that come forward in provings and clinical experience. If you are practicing homeopathy in the US today, you ARE dealing with chlamydia and it’s sequelae, whether you see it or not.

In this class, Karen reviews 10 cases where Chlamydia nosode was successfully used with widely different chief complaints; conjunctivitis, asthma, arthritis, proctitis, impetigo, skin flushing, bacterial vaginosis with pelvic pain, halitosis with gum disease, sinusitis, and nonspecific urethritis. A brief (15 minutes) review of the online Chlamydia course introduces the terrain. The focus is on case work, showing how the remedy state is perceived, and the therapeutic plans and outcomes.

(If you are interested in this class, but have not yet taken the Chlamydia course, you may want to take it before or after this course. You do not need it to use the materials in this class, but it will bring much greater understanding about the state.)

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