Bacterial Vaginosis and Leucorrhea


Bacterial Vaginosis and Leucorrhea   (4 hours  $59  pre-recorded webinar)

Uncomfortable and relentless itching, irritation and odor – Such a common complaint from our clients, this is an issue that can be difficult to resolve using conventional medications, especially if the symptoms began after the woman had a new sexual partner. These gals are seeking a resolution, and many of them will come to us after having tried a series of medications, douching, and dietary changes. In this course, we review the mechanical cleansing system of the vaginal vault, the microflora that disrupt it (hint hint: think about your favorite bowel nosodes…) and homeopathy, gemmotherapy and other adjuncts to help these cases. We will also discuss implications of recent change of sexual partner prior to onset of symptoms and recommendations for working the the ‘microflora of the couple’.  If you can get sustained relief and improvement for these women, you will see many referrals due to their gratitude!

This is a 4 hour class. The materials for this course include video and powerpoint web presentations and downloadable reference documents.  You will receive a letter of verification of training that can be used as documentation of continuing education for CHC requirements.

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