Women’s And Men’s Health


Women’s and Men’s Health  (63 hours)  CEUs for CCH homeopaths

Courses in this series are focused on common women’s complaints for which homeopathy can bring relief, but which often require more than constitutional care to resolve.

After years of mixed results when working with clients  with constitutionally, Karen investigated therapeutics used by past homeopathic masters: Foubister, Minton, Ruddock, Compton-Burnett, Farrington, Clarke, Guernsey, and many others.  These homeopaths published dozens of articles, pamphlets, journal presentations and texts with cases, materia medica and advice for those of us who walk the path behind them.  By implementing the information provided in these writings, Karen was able to develop and refine therapeutic strategies that have been consistently successful for clients. These courses share those strategies, materia medica and advice.  Quality training that is as convenient as it is useful!

Each course has 4-8 hours of video/powerpoint streamed presentation and downloadable reference materials, and verification of training document for CEUs for CCH homeopaths. They can also be used as formal training for CHC application for those students who complete the entire Women’s and Men’s Health Track (63 hours).

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Endocrine Overview and Repair  (6 hours)

Fibroids Intensive (6 hours)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  (8 hours)

Cervical Dysplasia, Carcinoma-in-situ and HPV  (6 hours)

Breast Disease and Trauma  (6 hours)

Menstrual Pain and Irregularity  (6 hours)

Bacterial Vaginosis and Leucorrhea  (4 hours)

Recurrent Miscarriage  (4 hours)

Chlamydia: Disease, Sequelae, Miasm and MM  (6 hours)

Chlamydia: 10 Cases in 5 Hours   (5 hours)

Men’s Sexual and Reproductive and Health  (6 hours)

“I just finished your Endocrine Overview and Repair class, and can look back now on a dozen cases I have taken over the past 2 years where I could use this information. I am going to call some of these clients tomorrow – I am so excited. Thanks for this class, Karen!”

“These courses have made such a difference in my confidence with clients who have hormonal complaints. I understand more now about what is going on in the case, and can work from several different directions.  My clients are getting better and I am much less frustrated!”

“The Breast Disease and Trauma class was so good. Now I am able to help the moms who have mastitis quickly and effectively. Thanks!”