Organ Therapeutics: Triad of Pancreas / Parathyroid / Kidney


Pancreas / Parathyroid / Kidney Triad   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

In the same pattern as the Thyroid/Liver/Uterus organ therapeutics course, this class focuses on the triad of the parathyroid, pancreas and kidneys. These three organs are very important in managing calcium balance and blood sugar in the body. Common health issues such as kidney stones, gall bladder disease, hypoglycemia, diabetes, and pancreatitis are all indicators of disturbance in this triad. Learn how these organs support each other, indicative symptoms, and methods for repair illustrated by case examples.

There are extensive reference documents for this course, useful reading before, during and after the class.

This course is useful for any practitioner working with clients who have polycystic ovarian syndrome. Consider taking it in conjunction with the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome course.

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