Organ Therapeutics: Triad of Liver / Uterus / Thyroid


Liver / Uterus / Thyroid  (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

This course is a good choice to take first if you want to learn about organ therapeutics. Start here and then go on to the other classes! Following a basic introduction in James Compton Burnett`s method of using homeopathic remedies in low potency to strengthen specific organs and organ systems, this course will focus on the inter-related trio of the thyroid, liver and uterus. This trio is often disrupted in women’s health, and disturbance in any member of the trio often presages disturbance to the other two. We will learn the specific therapeutics for each organ, and use case examples to show the inter-relationships and therapeutic strategies.

Because of its systemic influence on health, this class reviews in detail the function and pathology of the liver as it arises locally and throughout the body.

This course is useful for any practitioner working with clients who have fibroids. Consider taking it in conjunction with the Fibroids Intensive course.

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