Organ Therapeutics: Spleen / Tonsils / Lymph / Thymus


Spleen / Tonsils / Lymph / Thymus   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

Similar to previous organ therapeutics courses, and following on with immune system issues, this course  focuses on the lymphatic organ grouping of the spleen/tonsils/lymph nodes/thymus.

These organs are crucial for managing immune system response in the body. In traditional chinese medicine, the spleen holds on to and filters the blood, and the lymph nodes filter the lymph. Their functions, while different are closely linked; the spleen is analagous to a large lymph node.  Tonsils and thymus glad are also front line workers in immune response.

Common health issues ranging from easy bruising and frequent nosebleeds to frequent colds and sore throats, from mononucleosis and tonsilitis to chronic fatigue and lupus, suggest that support for the lymphatic organs is indicated. Learn how these organs support each other, indicative symptoms, and methods for repair illustrated by case examples.

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