Organ Therapeutics Gonads / Testes / Ovaries


Organ Therapeutics Gonads   (2 hours  $40  pre-recorded webinar)

Gonads are endocrine organs that create gametes – the testes create sperm and the ovaries create eggs. They share the same original tissue, but once puberty hits, these organs are on very different tracks! Crucial in that they are major regulators of the entire endocrine system, these organs deserve special attention for both local and systemic impacts.  This course will address injury, atrophy, and failure of these organs, using homeopathic organ supports, sarcodes, nosodes, gemmotherapy and cell salts.

If you are seeing women who have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, ovarian insufficiency, anovulation, or have unstable hormonal profiles…

If you are seeing boys who have undescended testicles or have been diagnosed with testicular insufficiency, or men with low sperm count or poor sperm morphology, spermatocele or varicocele, or have low testosterone with its attendant fatigue and depression…

Learn to recognize when organ support for the gonads is indicated by the overall hormonal state as well as when there is local pathology. The class will also include anit-aging strategies for rejuvenation of these endocrine organs.  Case examples are used to show how these cases are managed in acute and chronic stages.

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