Adjuncts for Clinical Practice

Adjuncts   (33 hours)  CEUs for CCH homeopaths

Courses in this series are focused on the many supporting adjuncts that can assist the client while the constitutional care unfolds.   Classes listed here help to develop the skills of each practitioner to support the client toward healing with a broader palette of options that blend well with homeopathy. These are practical courses with a clear take-away that is applicable in everyday case work!

Each course has 1-8 hours of video/powerpoint streamed presentation and downloadable reference materials, and verification of training document for CEUs for CCH homeopaths. They can also be used as formal training for CHC application for those students who complete the entire Adjuncts Track (33 hours). Click on a course to see full details.

Role of Adjuncts in Constitutional Care (1 hour **)

Organ Therapeutics Intro   (1 hour **)

Organ Therapeutics: Heart, Circulation, Lung    (4 hours)

Organ Therapeutics: Pancreas, Parathyroid, Kidney   (6 hours)

Organ Therapeutics: Liver, Uterus, Thyroid    (6 hours)

Organ Therapeutics: Spleen, Tonsils, Lymph and Thymus   (6 hours)

Organ Therapeutics: Gonads, Testes and Ovaries   (2 hours)

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis  (2 hours)

Adjunct Cell Salts: Introduction  (1 hour **)

Adjunct Bach Flowers: Introduction  (1 hour **)

Adjuncts for Insomnia  (1 hour **)

Adjuncts for Scarring  (1 hour **)

Adjuncts for Constipation  (1 hour **)

** These 1 hour classes are free to all students

 “Using the Organ Therapeutics material for spleen has made so much difference in the immune deficient clients I work with! Even though they were improving gradually with constitutional remedies, there were still frequent acutes. Once I added the spleen support, those acutes just stopped – it has reduced demands for on call support, and patients are happier and I am happier!”

“I see many clients with bloodsugar dysregulation. The pancreas organ support is excellent – thanks for the clear therapeutic guidelines.” class was a major revelation to me – it has changed the way I practice, and helped make my case analysis much more sensible – thanks for a great class!”

“I just had a follow up with my client who had ovarian cysts. I used the strategies you outlined in the Organ Therapeutics Course for the Gonads, and they really worked. The ultrasound showed the ovaries now appear completely normal. Thanks!”

“Love the free classes on Bach Flowers and Cell Salts – these really helped to ease some transient symptoms for my client last week when I did not think it was indicated to repeat the constitutional. Keep it coming!”