Role of Adjuncts in Constitutional Care



We discussed what we were taught in school, what we have seen in clinical practice, and what Samuel Hahnemann had to say about the use of adjuncts for lifestyle, diet, regimen and counseling. Thanks for the comments and questions from those of you who were logged in! For those who were not able to join, here are your resource materials:

Documents and reference materials for this class 

Role_Adjuncts_Constitutional_Care  (This .pdf document contains the attendance CEU credit documentation as it’s last page – the document will appear on your screen when you click there – you can print it or save as a document on your computer – start to print as usual and then look for the option to save as a .pdf)
Acute Therapeutics for the Homeopathic Practitioner by Lynn Amara CCH (order from any homeopathic bookseller, contact Lynn Amara for case supervision of acutes within constitutional care here). I have this book by my side during my daily call in time.
Your Natural Medicine Cabinet by Burke Lennihan RN CCH (you may know Begabati Lennihan – she is using her middle name with this book) has many great options for support adjuncts for common complaints. Practitioners can purchase this book by the case for $5/copy – contact her here.)
Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies by David Card (order from any homeopathic bookseller – the photos are truly a helpful way to learn. I don’t find the supplementary text reprint of the earlier materials based on zodiac associations to be helpful or accurate, but the pictures and discussion of using the cell salts based on facial appearance is so useful that the book is highly recommended.)
Best of Burnett by James Compton-Burnett (order from any homeopathic bookseller – the documentation of organ therapeutics cases is useful. Many of Burnett’s individual books are also available for FREE download from Googlebooks)
The Art of Being a Healing Presence – A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships by James Miller and Susan Cutshall is an excellent small book on counseling basics for those working with clients. Highly recommended!! Thanks to Cambria Lowe for making me aware of this valuable text.
Tai Chi (read from the American Tai Chi and Qi Gong Association)
CranioSacral Therapy (read from the Upledger Institute Website for FAQs, Directory etc)
Bach Flowers (read from the Bach Flower website – lots of resources there. Even just having Rescue Remedy available to support clients who are dealing with stress in the interview…)
Gemmotherapy (For more information or check out the recorded introductory webinar on gemmotherapy for homeopaths taught by Karen Allen CCH.  Lauren Hubele CCH has excellent training materials on gemmotherapy at her website.  You can also check out Robin DiPasquale’s CV and contact her about her Gemmo classes   )

After you download the documents, view the 1 hr presentation.

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  • Make a list of all of the adjunct therapeutics that you have referred to over the past 6 months, or that you now think could be helpful to any of your clients in symptoms that came up last year
  • Make a list of practitioners who are located near your office, and consider contacting them to set up a local area network of practitioners who are integrative-health minded and interested in meeting quarterly or monthly to get to know eachother’s work and collaboratively refer.
  • Identify at least one adjunct area listed above, and begin to develop skills in that area with reading, discussion with other practitioners using that adjunct, and using the adjunct yourself and informally with family or friends while you develop expertise. Then begin to implement with clients as you are more facile with the adjunct.

“See” you at a future webinar – check these additional free webinars on adjuncts coming up and put them on your calendar for continuing education!  If you have feedback you would like to offer about this webinar, you can enter it here: