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We discussed the relationship of Bach Flower remedies to other aspects of the homeopathic therapeutic field, and how Dr. Bach developed them. We also talked about a few other systems of flower essences, and covered instructions on several useful ways to incorporate them into professional practice as an adjunct: to assist clients in distress during the case taking, to buy more time for the homeopathics to unfold while the client is pressing for another dose, to support a client during return of old symptoms… Along with a few dramatic case examples!
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Read Dr. Bach’s discussion of his work : The Bach Flower Remedies

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  • Get ready: Stock Rescue Remedy in at least one form in your office. You will find it available in cream, pastiles, spray, dropper, lots of options!’
  • Experiment on yourself: choose an emotional state from the 7 groups listed, and try taking a BFR single or combination tincture over a week or so – see if you notice a change…
  • Begin to integrate: as you learn about the BFRs, begin to relate what you find to what you know about the related homeopathic version or herbal version or gemmo version of that plant. Begin to develop a full picture of that plant’s healing capacity. We continue to build our skill sets and materia medica as we grow professionally.

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