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FREE  Webinars for All Practitioners

These hour long classes are free for practitioners. Each class includes a recorded video presentation and downloadable written materials. At the end of each video presentation is a form you can print to use as documentation for CEUs.  All of these classes are valid for CEU credit for the Council for Homeopathic Certification.

Each class has a CEU verification for you to print.

Each class has a CEU verification for you to print.

Here is what your colleagues are saying:

“Thanks for the CPT class – just what I needed to know to get my client statements up to date.”

“I have listened to your class on the Voice of the Client three times now, and I am beginning to hear it in my office when I listen to the clients! This is exciting because now I have more options on how to approach a case. Thanks so much for your training. These classes are the best!”

“These CEU classes are so convenient, and the topics are so relevant. I like signing in and seeing my friends logged in and reading their comments.”

Classes Focused on Developing Practitioner Skills:

enhancing practitioner competencies in practice management; practitioner self care; client assessment, engagement and management, and recognition of common vs characteristic patterns in client presentation.

 Getting and Keeping Clients

 Threshold for Client Participation

 Voices of the Client – Part 1: The Work of Francisco Eizayaga

Voices of the Client – Part 2: Let’s Talk Shop – Case of Jane Doe

 Critical Thinking Skills for Homeopaths

 Listening Skills for Practitioners

 Counseling Skills Introduction for Homeopaths

 Client Management: Pain as  a Bridge

Practice Management: What is a CPT Code and Why Does it Matter?

Practice Management: Implications of the Affordable Care Act

Return of Old Symptom: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Opiate Addiction: Recognition and Recovery with Alex Zaphiris MD

Homeopathic Pharmacy: Practical Advice for All Homeopaths

Constantine Hering: Development and Use of X Potencies


Classes Focused on Developing Skills with Adjuncts:

enhancing practitioner competencies in common adjuncts within the homeopathic spectrum to support clients as they move through the homeopathic process toward health.

Role of Adjuncts in Constitutional Care

Adjunct Overview:  Cell Salts Introduction

Adjunct Overview:  Bach Flower Remedies

Adjunct Overview: Organ Therapeutics Introduction

Adjuncts for Insomnia

Adjuncts for Scarring

Adjuncts for Constipation

Adjuncts and Assessment for Sinusitis

Homeopathic Support for Clients Having Surgery


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