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Karen is a popular teacher at homeopathic schools and conferences.  Her classes for Continuing Education are on practical topics that you can apply immediately to your clients’ cases.  These courses are accepted for CEU requirements for the CHC, and include a letter of verification of training for documentation of attendance. Here is what your colleagues are saying about Karen’s classes:

“This was a fantastic class – so practical and focused”   “These classes revolutionized my practice!”

“One of the best classes I have taken in the last 5 years – her teaching is very clear.”

“Karen’s organized presentation and fluency in the topic was excellent for me”

“I am already applying what I learned to clients in my practice, and seeing successes in cases where I was stuck!”

“The information is so practical that I feel I have a whole new set of tools for working with my clients. This has made a big difference in my work.”

The webinar recordings show the powerpoint and instructor for you as you listen

The webinar recordings show the powerpoint and instructor for you as you listen

Classes are available through live lectures, live webinar courses and pre-recorded webinar courses.   Check out the available on-demand classes as well as the upcoming schedule. Join in – invest in yourself and your practice. There is much to be learned by all of us!

2 Hour Classes – all priced at $40 each 

Using Focus Consults to Build Your Practice  (2 hours)
Candida Overview  (2 hours)

Organ Therapeutics: Eyes and Vision  (2 hours)
Organ Therapeutics: Gonads, Testes and Ovaries   (2 hours)
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis  (2 hours)

4 Hour Classes – all priced at $59 each
Hematoma: When Blood Stays Put   (4 hours)
Introduction to Gemmotherapy   (4 hours)
Organ Therapeutics: Heart, Circulation, Lung    (4 hours)
Mononucleosis: More Than a Sore Throat  (4 hours)
Bacterial Vaginosis and Leucorrhea  (4 hours)
Recurrent Miscarriage  (4 hours)

4 Hour Classes – all priced at $75 each
Posology: Everybody DOESN’T Figure it out for themselves…   (4 hours)
Thanatology: End of Life, Death and Dying   (4 hours)

6 Hour Classes – all priced at $88 each
Sleep Topics: Insomnia, Sleep Apnea and Night Terrors  (6 hours)
Organ Therapeutics: Pancreas, Parathyroid, Kidney   (6 hours)
Organ Therapeutics: Liver, Uterus, Thyroid    (6 hours)
Organ Therapeutics: Spleen, Tonsils, Lymph and Thymus   (6 hours)
Endocrine Overview and Repair  (6 hours)
Men’s Sexual and Reproductive and Health  (6 hours)
Fibroids Intensive (6 hours)
Cervical Dysplasia, Carcinoma-in-situ and HPV  (6 hours)
Breast Disease and Trauma  (6 hours)
Menstrual Pain and Irregularity  (6 hours)
Chlamydia: Disease, Sequelae, Miasm and MM  (6 hours)
Chlamydia: 10 Cases in 5 Hours   (Note – this one is 5 hours, not 6, $75)

8 Hour Classes – all priced at $99 each

Addictions: Talking Smack About Compulsion, Drugs and Alcohol  (8 hours)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  (8 hours)

Sexual Interview Skills for Homeopaths  (8 hours)

Longer courses 

Counseling Skills for Homeopaths (13 hours)  $149

Start Up to Stellar: Transformational Strategies for Outrageously Successful Practice  (14 hours)  $169