National Center for Homeopathy


The NCH an open-membership organization that promotes health through homeopathy.  The NCH works to make homeopathy understood and available throughout the United States. It is a great group that holds a key function within the holistic community. Here is what they do:

  • Provide general education to the public about homeopathy through their quarterly magazine Homeopathy Today and the many resource materials they have on their website
  • Help people develop self-help skills for family use at home through classes and instructional webinars
  • Support local study groups with organization, curriculum and study materials. Study groups are a great way to learn about homeopathy with others in your community.
  • Hold an annual conference for homeopathic and integrative professionals to present recent research, therapeutics and case studies
  • Work with the media to reach out to people who are new to homeopathy with accurate, current, and helpful information.

Anyone can join (the annual fee is $75) – their website reference materials and webinar courses are free for all members. Learn more about what is available to you here.

We highly recommend membership for any new mamas, for families that want to learn to be self- sufficient with simple acute complaints and reduce their need for medication, for back-packers and hikers who want reliable first aid options when they are out in the countryside, for athletes who need support with musculo-skeletal injuries and stresses.  We have been NCH members for many years! Join us – use this form to contact them and get more information.