Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium


The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) is a broad coalition of healthcare professionals, patients and organizations driving public policy that advocates for an integrative healthcare system with equal access to the full range of health-oriented, person-centered, regulated healthcare professionals.

IHPC was initiated at the request of legislators who support integrated health care and need an organization that represents the consensus voice of the integrated healthcare communities. IHPC is that trusted voice on The Hill.

Karen Allen formerly served on Board of Directors of the IHPC, representing the National Center for Homeopathy in it’s work as an IHPC Partner for Health. We encourage all clients and colleagues to be informed about freedom of access to holistic therapies – please read a great article about this topic here.

An important project of the IHPC has been the development of concise, reliable data about the remarkable cost and outcome benefits that have already been documented about the use of integrative health disciplines including homeopathy. Check out the document here and share it with others!

Another IHPC project is Cover My Care – an advocacy resource for clients supporting their rights to insurance covered integrative holistic care. The website has a great blog and useful state based information!