Start Up to Stellar: Transformational Strategies for Outrageously Successful Practice


Start Up to Stellar    (14 hrs – pre-recorded webinar  $169)


Each homeopath has to make the transition from student-and-remedy-finder to confident-effective-practitioner. It can be a bumpy ride, so don’t do it alone.  Leverage 20 years of Karen Allen’s professional experience to give you the skills you need – you have never seen a course like this!  The initial 8 hours of core material are followed by 6 hour-long sessions that further develop practice strategies and offer specific goals to provide support as you implement the strategies you learned.  This is not just presentation of theory and ideas – each session will present specific tasks that you can follow to get your practice up and running!  YOU CAN DO THIS, AND OUR COMMUNITIES NEED THIS.

Here is what we will be covering in this jam-packed course:

  • Understanding the Role of Practitioner: the archetypes of service, healer, health coach, how to use these roles to develop your confidence as a practitioner, maturing from a newly-hatched homeopath to a robust and resourceful practitioner, making peace with pain and suffering (yours and clients’), being of service without being a servant, establishment of healthy boundaries with clients and colleagues
  • Pros and Cons of the Homeopathic Business model: identifying and adjusting the threshold for participation for new and returning clients, defining our clientele and our style of engagement with them, improving client satisfaction, using the strengths of the business model to generate referrals, reasonable expectations for weekly/monthly case load
  • Getting clients in the door and getting paid: generating inquiries by engaging the vital force of your practice, generating referrals with a local practitioner network, getting inquiries booked as clients through successful dialogues, guidelines for setting your fee structure and office policies, using telehealth to gain access to markets where there are no homeopaths
  • Flexible Efficacy with Clients: phases of client work (repair / realignment / building capacity), working at the level of cell / tissue / organ / body system / constitutional state / family line, establishing goals, tracking and confirming progress
  • Practitioner Skills Beyond Finding a Remedy: managing workload, communications, scheduling, call in, pharmacy, referrals;  expanding your sphere of influence through homeopathic service organizations, professional development, acknowledging case failures, reasonable expectations for audit performance, recommendations for supervision, why and how to dismiss a problem client
  • Legalities / HIPAA and Quality Control in CAM: conforming to standards and legal requirements, medico-legal responsibility in client judgement and communications, client confidentiality

I have a personal commitment to do my part to make homeopathy widely available to the average consumer in the US and Canada. In order to achieve that, I want to support every well trained and credentialed homeopath to build a thriving practice that is successful clinically, financially and personally.  The many, many hours I have put into preparing these course materials will be more than repaid in seeing vibrant growth in the practices of many practitioners who are currently under-utilized.  Join almost a hundred of your colleagues who have taken this class and are now implementing the materials day by day in their growing practices.

This course helps each practitioner to develop a counseling skills tool kit that will support engagement with every client. After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirming the purchase. Within 24 hours, you will receive an additional email with your course materials.