Sexual Interview Skills for Homeopaths


Sexual Interview Skills w Dr. Heather Howard   (8 hours  $99  pre-recorded webinar)


Most of our clients are women; sexual history is often relevant for reproductive system complaints. Appropriate interview and counseling techniques for sexual history / issues is beyond foundational training, so many practitioners have not developed these skills. Karen Allen has teamed with Dr. Heather Howard, a clinical sexologist, to prepare this 4 session course for homeopaths.

Session 1 focuses on sexual anatomy and physiology as well as normal sexuality and basics of sexually transmitted illnesses. Sexual spectrum education is introduced to give context to the practitioner who will be better informed to evaluate what is individualizing vs. common in a case.
Session 2 continues sexual spectrum education, teaches the sexual interview, including indicators to inquire further (distress, disembodiment, shame).
Session 3 continues with sexual counseling skills with a clear model for working with issues, including criteria for referral to a sexologist.
Session 4 finishes the series with an overview of common sexual issues (trauma, gender orientation, low sexual desire) with suggestions on how to address them.

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