Posology and Dosing: Everybody DOESN’T Figure it out for themselves…


Posology  (4 hrs pre-recorded webinar)  $75

Posology is the science of dosing, a method of moving the client toward health and through time with the stimulus of a remedy.

Many of us learned it as “everyone figures it out in his or her own way” and have relied heavily on what we saw in school. The first 5 years of inconsistent success with clients in my own practice, even in cases with well selected remedies (and that sure was not all the time in my first several years…), showed me that I needed to have a much clearer approach… Honestly, if it were just up to me to have figured it out on my own, my clients would have found other practitioners and I would have had to retrain as a plumber…

Realistically, stalled or complex cases require robust posology; a variety of strategies can move the client forward more reliably and with less disruption.  And there ARE excellent examples in the writings of the homeopathic masters that came before us: Hahnemann, HC Allen, William Boericke, James Compton-Burnett, Francisco Eizayaga, OA Julian, Donald Foubister… and current teachers: Master, Ramakrishnan,Schmitt. Throughout their published articles and texts are scattered breadcrumbs of wisdom that apply to our everyday puzzles with clients.

Additionally, beyond the selection of a remedy, method and timing of the dose, schedule of repetition and considerations for assessment at follow up, there are many pragmatic considerations about setting up an office homeopathic pharmacy and provisioning for clients! These are discussed with suggestions for finding a pharmacy acquisition, maintenance and provisioning plan that can work for your practice. Join Karen Allen for a thorough review of many styles of dosing, with case examples that demonstrate scenarios, problems and solutions.

Session 1 describes pharmacy management, provisioning and dosing strategies, including potency scales, timing, alternations, series, intercurrents, and methods of administration for various client audiences. There is also a review of the many factors that allow the posology to ‘be homeopathic’ to the client.

Session 2 explores case management and problem solving through dosing, including aggravations, lack of response, acutes arising within constitutional work, working with lesional complaints, managing miasmatic constraints, etc.

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