Organ: Eyes and vision



Organ Therapeutics: Eyes and Vision (2 hrs – $40 pre-recorded webinar)

As homeopaths we work with many complaints, but often, as soon as the eyes are involved, we refer to conventional opthalmology.  Take a moment to learn about organ therapeutics for eyes that provide support for common complaints  seen in our clients.

Karen presents the distilled and potentized collective recommendations of Clarke, Burnett, Farrington, Julian and others who have worked with supporting the eyes. From overt pathology like retinal detachment and cataracts to more subtle disturbances of vision, she will review strategies to support our client’s eyes.

Burnett teaches us that a client can only become as healthy as their weakest link (organ) and we must be able to strengthen those weak links to allow the constitutional remedy full expression.  Indicative symptoms and methods for repair are demonstrated through case examples.

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