Migraines: More than a headache


Migraines   (4 hrs  $75  pre-recorded webinar)

Headaches/migraines are among the top 10 reasons that clients look outside of conventional care for other therapeutic options. Those who seek out alternatives, including homeopathy, tend to be mostly women with high pain levels who are well educated, working full time. They are actively looking for resolutions that let them live their lives without pain!

Many clients are hesitant to use the conventional drugs available for migraine relief. Fortunately, homeopathy can be highly effective for clients with this potentially debilitating complaint.  Join Karen Allen for a thorough review of migraines with case examples so that you can share success with these clients.

This course teaches an emphasis on case taking for these clients, demonstrating the difference in approach needed between a simple headache, and the extensive neurological event that migraines represent. Karen begins with a few failed cases, and reviews her errors, along with the more effective strategies she used instead.

Starting with an overview of common migraine patterns, helping to clarify what is individualizing in clients, this course reviews:

  • quantifying with Headache Impact Test
  • warning indicators of serious conditions
  • assessment for past head injuries
  • differentials with tension headaches and sinusitis
  • hormonal contributors
  • stress factors
  • conventional medications
Through 4 in-depth case examples, you will learn individualization and pattern matching for migraine symptoms with relevant materia medica,  dealing with aggravations, working with conventional migraine medications, and managing the case over time.
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