Imponderables   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

The category of remedies made from an intangible source are known as ‘imponderabilia’, more commonly referred to as imponderables. Hahnemann named this group as he discussed the influence of invisible factors such as heat and magnets in the Organon (aph. 286, 287), and presented proving data about magnet remedies in his Materia Medica Pura. Provings of sunlight (Sol) and moonlight (Luna) were conducted a century ago – and still these and other imponderable remedies are under-utilized, and bear a stigma of being not quite legitimate because of their intangible sources, even in our profession that accepts non-material dilutions as effective medicines. We live in a society where many of the influences upon us are subtle and intangible; we need to be ready to use them!

In this 6 hour course, you will learn to recognize the signatures of the imponderables as a group: the broad themes of all wave forms that suggest an imponderable. Using the proving of Ultrasound as a template, Karen  presents materia medica and cases for remedies made from light, radiation, magnetic forces, electricity, vacuum, and sound. She will contrast the imponderables with the gemstone remedies, identify miasmatic affinities, discuss hormonal implications, and give clinical tips regarding posology and management. After this course, attendees will be ready to recognize these states and use this group of remedies effectively!

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