Hoarders and Healing: What A Homeopath Needs to Know


Hoarding   (2 hours  $40  pre-recorded webinar)

The hoarding clients probably don’t mention it on their intake form, and you won’t find ‘Mind, hoarding’ in the repertory. So what is a homeopath to do to help a hoarder? Join Karen Allen CCH and clinical psychologist / researcher Cristina Sorrentino Schmalisch PhD MSW, co-author of ‘The Hoarding Handbook: A guide for Human Service Professionals’ to get the minimum dose of what every homeopath should know.  Estimates have been made that up to 5% of the world’s population exhibits hoarding behavior. Three quarters of these purchase excessively;  half acquire free items. An estimated 15% recognize the irrationality of their behavior (leaving 85% in the non-recognition group!). More than a third have living environments that are assessed as filthy. How will you work with one of these clients who knocks on your door?  Psora – yes! and ‘Mind, Heedless’ – probably! and what else???

In this 2 hour class, you will learn

  • how to recognize a hoarder
  • what indicators suggest possible hoarding and how to inquire about it
  • criteria to differentiate normal from abnormal behavior
  • how to individualize the client’s state within the category of hoarders
  • resources to help hoarders with referrals, self assessment and support groups

This material will be illustrated with case examples from Cristina and Karen. This is a great opportunity to learn from Cristina, a national thought leader in this area. This class will be recorded and will receive 2 hours of CEU training verification.

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