Focus Consults


Using Focus Consults to Build Your Practice   (2 hours  $40  pre-recorded webinar)


As homeopaths, our typical consult is a full 2 hour intake with a substantial fee. For many potential clients, this initial investment represents a threshold for participation that is just too high (time, money, unfamiliarity, outside of mainstream) – especially for men. For clients who have serious or painful conditions not well met within conventional care, they are likely to take the leap… but for those without such strong motivation, they may be too hesitant.

We have the ability to lower this threshold for participation by adjusting the way we gather information from our clients. This can make the difference between STRIVING and THRIVING in your practice. Join Karen Allen, CCH as we discuss this strategy for bringing clients into your practice with an initial 1 hour consult. We will discuss

  • how to identify clients for whom this is (or is not) a good strategy
  • why offering 2 different intake options makes a potential client MORE LIKELY  to schedule
  • how to discuss intake options with potential clients
  • how to frame the 1 hour FOCUS CONSULT  intake with time and agenda
  • how to plan the first 3 follow ups as you continue to gather the remainder of intake information
  • how to set up your office to support Focus consults

Still homeopathic, still classical, still familiar, but spread over time while you begin to engage the dialogue with the vital force. Let’s face it – for potential clients who are on the fence, a 2 hour intake with the full consult fee, along with any uncertainty about homeopathy can be a hurdle… and yet these same clients WOULD schedule if there were an option for a smaller step.

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