Counseling Skills for Homeopaths


Counseling Skills for Homeopaths    (13 hrs – pre-recorded webinar  $149)

The homeopathic process delves deeply into many issues that involve pain, suffering, anger, bitterness, the breadth of human emotion. Having an effective ‘counseling skills tool kit’ can make the task much easier.

Each session has a focus topic as we review skills for communication, self care, recognition of serious mental illness, crisis management, awareness of ‘healthy human’ skills, coaching and interaction techniques that will strengthen your ability to be effective with a wide range of clients. For this class, each 2 hour session is co-taught by Karen Allen, CCH and Cambria Lowe, MFT

Introduction:  this 1 hour session introducing how and why counseling skills are an important for homeopaths!

Session A: Communication Styles and Impacts of Communicating

  • knowing yourself and your major communication styles (with self-assessment questionnaire) and implications for homeopathic practice
  • the normal skill set for a healthy human – very useful baseline for assessing client (and your own) assets and limitations
  • appropriate self care for practitioners
  • concepts of transference and counter-transference and how these affect client engagement
  • indications that a client should be referred elsewhere, when / why / how / where

Session B: Listening Skills and Healthy Development

  • leveraging your communication style (questionnaire results) for effective client engagement
  • skills and strategies for active listening including verbal phrasing and body language
  • strategies for being a healing presence – practitioners skills unrelated to finding a good remedy
  • recognizing healthy/normal development stages in our client (and lack thereof)
  • groupings of homeopathics that are best adapted to particular developmental stages

Session C: Recognizing and Assessing OCD/Borderline/ Schizophrenic behaviors in clients

  • difference between diagnosing and assessing / importance of having a therapy referral network for your practice
  • overview of obsessive / compulsive disorder behaviors
  • overview of borderline personality behaviors
  • overview of schizophrenia behaviors
  • review of other common personality disorders
  • discussion providing practitioners with language to assess / questions to ask to support their investigation with clients within their scope of practice

Session D: Recognizing and Assessing Anxiety / Depression / Aggression / Rage behaviors in clients

  • developing the skill set to assess both the client state separate from your reaction to it
  • overview of the spectrum of anxiety behaviors (and homeopathic remedy implications)
  • overview of depression behaviors (and homeopathic remedy implications)
  • overview of aggression / rage behaviors (and homeopathic remedy implications)
  • guidelines for domestic violence
  • strategies for client engagement across the personality disorder landscape

Session E: Children and Parents

  • counseling skills for working with children and their parents – language for coaching
  • normal pediatric development stages (and homeopathic remedy implications)
  • overview of disorders of attachment / individuation (and homeopathic remedy implication)
  • coaching language for practitioners to use with children / parent interactions

Session F: Crisis, Abuse and Mandatory Reporting

  • dealing with crisis situations, dialogue scripts for practitioner advance preparation
  • discussion of suicidal ideations and actions (and homeopathic remedy implications)
  • evaluating and dealing with attacks and threats – self care options / referral criteria
  • abuse and neglect of children/elders/spouse
  • concepts of mandated reporting discussion of next steps for practitioner development for counseling topics

This course helps each practitioner to develop a counseling skills tool kit that will support engagement with every client. After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email confirming the purchase. Within 24 hours, you will receive an additional email with your course materials.

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