Candida Overview


Candida Overview   (2 hours  $40  pre-recorded webinar)


Clients frequently present with either a clinical diagnosis or a self diagnosis of candida. Many of our clients have had allopathic medications that have changed the microflora extensively, and then experience symptoms of bowel dysfunction, oral thrush or vaginosis along with a collection of symptoms affecting mental, emotional or energetic function. The practitioner trying to help these clients has a wide array of choices from constitutional care to lesional therapeutics and plenty of adjuncts.  In choosing the strongest therapeutic plan, it is very helpful to understand the candida organism itself, what we know about candida from homeopathic provings, and affinities of the integumentary system that support client improvement.  In this overview class, Karen presents example cases that demonstrate differentiation skills to help the homeopath determine most likely approaches to support the client’s return to health.

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