Breast Trauma and Disease


Breast Trauma and Disease   (6 hours  $88  pre-recorded webinar)

We turn our attention to one of the tender spots of Women`s Health: the breast. Our clients present with an array of breast complaints, from simple mastitis and fibrocystic breast tissue to painful swelling with menstrual or lunar cycles, questions about the safety of mammograms and needle biopsy titanium markers, leaking silicone breast implants, production of milk in non-lactating women, through to serious complaints of breast cancer, mastectomy trauma and surgical restoration. This course reviews basics of pathology, coaching clients on pros and cons of conventional assessment and intervention, important breast warning signs suggesting broader issues, and practical lesional and tissue affinity therapeutics illustrated by case examples.

Be ready to coach each new mama in your practice to recognize and address any onset of mastitis. Prepare to be any ally for that client who has just been told of an adverse mammography finding, and have tools to address trauma of mastectomy.  The breast represents some of the most emotionally connected tissue in the body, and homeopathy is a powerful ally for it’s repair and recovery.

   This course is ACHENA accredited for Continuing Education 

   This course is mobile- friendly to stream on your smart phone or tablet as well as your computer.

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