Anemia and Blood Quality Issues


Anemia and Blood Quality Issues  (4 hours  $75  pre-recorded webinar)


Affecting an estimated 8% of women in the US, and over 10% in the 50+ female population that is our most common homeopathic client, anemia affects the overall health in many ways.

This course reviews the physiology of iron metabolism, and the creation and destruction of red blood cells. Case material is presented to whighlight what is common and what is individualizing, miasmatic and organ affinities, danger signs indicating need for referral, conventional medications, and homeopathic therapeutics. In particular, the malarial miasm and detection of  it’s presence in cases with blood quality issues is presented.  Differentiation the ferrum salts, snake remedies, miasmatic nosodes and review the use of homeopathics that support bone marrow are offered.  Criteria are also presented to assess whether a constitutional is likely to resolve the condition or lesional therapeutics are needed.  Most of our clients are women, and this complaint is frequent in our offices. Be prepared to support these clients effectively!

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