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There are over 250 hours of high quality training that is as convenient as it is useful – all available for you! The drop down menu shows courses in alphabetical order.

  Watch for the ACHENA logo on each course page to show accredited status.

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“The Voices of the Client class was a major revelation to me – it has changed the way I practice, and helped make my case analysis much more sensible – thanks for a great class!”

“I work with a lot of teens, and I have had several clients with mono every year. These were difficult cases for me, where the clients had post-viral syndromes that did not always respond well to constitutional  care.  Since listening to your class materials gave me specific suggestions that I am using, and I have been able to get good results with a client who had been fatigued for 18 months since onset of mono! Thanks for the training – it helps.”

“I just completed your Mononucleosis class. Thank you so much for creating these course materials. The class says it is just 4 hours, but like all of your classes, there is so much material packed into that time that I feel like it was a full day class!”

“Your counseling skills class gave me great tools to use to identify what is problematic or characteristic (or not) and also criteria referral. The way Karen and Cambria worked together on the course was great! I learned so much and am still working through the handouts!”

“The gemmotherapy information was so concise and clear. I have read several books that had plenty of detail but was not so easy for me to put to use. Your specifics on the affinities, miasms and constitutions made it so simple for me to think of gemmotherapy like a homeopath!”